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Making a Mark - doing your best to succeed

Firstly a disclaimer - I'm not a marketer, I'm not a business coach, I'm not really an expert in anything, just a Jack of All Trades that left school at 15 and since then has had a very wide breadth of work and business experience. I've tried and failed many times but learnt from my mistakes and am brave enough to take calculated risks. If you can't do risk, and cannot afford to lose the lot, business is not for you. When we began Choco Loco, Kath and I knew each other well and knew what skills we each had...

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"How did you start making chocolate?"

It all began early in 2017, when a little birdie told us that Rosy Glow was up for sale. Rosy Glow was a very well established chocolate shop in the area. They had been making and selling chocolate for 23 years at their powder pink villa in Collingwood. It was a destination!

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We're still here!

As a new, very niche business in a tiny, fairly isolated town that has survived 3ish years and a global pandemic, I think it’s time to celebrate the fact that Choco Loco is still open and still producing damned fine chocolates. So I thought that we could all share the love. I know our chocolates are enjoyed further afield than Takaka so I thought I'd open up a dialogue so those that haven't (yet!) visited our store can share in the stories and be part of our development too.

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